Vision is critical to project success and Urbanism applies various creative tools to FACILITATE vision. It is always a collective idea, often sparked by one person's dream and refined by collective thinking as the foundation of the project brief.

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Master Planning is a creative tool to overcome the focus on constraints and deliver creative solutions. It considers a highest and best use of land whilst being conscious of financial performance and constraints. It requires a multi- disciplinary approach to produce a concept plan. This plan underpins the project business case and assist project owners to communicate the project vision to stakeholders and partners.

Master Planning

Strategic planning is key to guide the future development and coordinate infrastructure delivery. Our strategic projects are focused on urban design outcomes and offer master planning to underpin land asset management strategies and planning guidelines to inform future development. Our strategic planning portfolio therefore includes the following:

     Highest & Best Use Analysis

     Master Plans

     Structure Plans (District and Local)

     Outline Development Plans

     Design Guidelines

Strategic Planning

Development planning is the enabler of development. The planning and development process starts with securing the appropriate statutory provisions through Town Planning Scheme Amendments and strategic planning mechanisms. We take an active role in Schematic Design processes to achieve Planning Approvals to enable development for new land uses and/ or the Subdivision of land. Our approach includes guidelines to achieve excellent urban outcomes through Local Development Plans and the formulation of Design Guidelines.

Our portfolio boasts a wide spectrum of sectors to include Community Facilities, Residential, Mixed-Use Developments, Health, Industrial and Retail.

Statutory Planning

Development planning is the enabler of development. At Urbanism we take an active role in Schematic Design processes to achieve planning approvals to enable development and subdivision of land.

Project Management